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OMG @mttlmy met #小小觸 in #hongkong AND now he has him sticker on his laptop!!!! (at Urban Vintage)

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Loris Gréaud
Dream Machines, 2004
This work refers to the “Dream Machine”, an experimental object invented by the painter and writer Brion Gysin and the scientist Ian Sommerville, and which is composed of a light bulb with light passing through slits in a rotating cylinder. Loris Gréaud revisits the structural mechanism; the light variations, following the frequency shift of the ”Dream Machine”„ which is transcribed here by the undulations of the light produced by the filament lamps. Beyond this technological reference, the artist also quotes stories, legends, rumors about this invention in order to crystallize them in a contemporary technological object. The light frequency generates mental images, physiologically modifying the information transmitted to the brain via the optical nerve and psychologically modifying the state of consciousness of the spectator. 


Gustav Klimt. Reclining Nude, 1916


Rebekah Seok

“It is awful to think I’ll probably be regarded as some sort of authority on Brazil the rest of my life.” Benjamin Moser on Elizabeth Bishop and her adopted homeland.
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Reaching For the Moon is now streaming on Netflix. It only has one (maybe two) named male character(s). It’s refreshing. Definitely think all the dudes should watch it so they know how us ladies feel most of the time.

stretching. lots of neck pain today :-(